My OCMQG pals and I hit the crowded aisles of the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach yesterday.  Goodness knows, none of us need fabric or more project ideas but we were all on the lookout for something we absolutely needed but hadn’t yet realized we were desperately lacking.  (Right?!)

I happened upon the most “invisible” and inventive magnetic solution to finally (finally!) hang my Dear Jane quilt and photograph it.  The best part of it is that I have hung it OVER my design wall so that I can take down the Jane in a few seconds and continue to work on my Flower Pots project. 

    newfangled: def: 1: attracted to novelty  2: of the newest style or kind.

I have yet to decide if my Jane will be called Newfangled Jane (with the subname “Kaffe meets Jane and all [traditional] bets are off!”).  If you haven’t see the photos (here and here) that Judi of Green Fairy Quilts took after machine quilting it, you must see them and read the many kind comments that her readers left for us.  Judi’s talent speaks for itself.  I couldn’t have picked a better longarm quilter for my piece.

I have to wait until tonight to properly photograph the quilt but I’ve posted the first photo anyway.

Newfangled Jane - where Kaffe meets Jane and all (traditional) bets are off!

Thanks to my OCMQG pals for making yesterday’s “field trip” so much fun.  Can’t wait to hit the LA fabric scene with you all.  Should be a ton of fun.


I’m a private person. I’m not accustomed to publicizing my thoughts or activities. I am careful not to share my children’s photos on the web. I “untag” photos of me that others post in FB. Why, then, would I start a blog?

I’ve recently joined up with a quilting community that shares my joy for cutting up little pieces of beautiful fabric and sewing them together again. What insanity. What perfect, glorious, colorful insanity. So this blog will become my archive for all things quilty and fun. And I’ll throw in a few photos of the cutest dog in the world (except for yours, of course!) and maybe one or two of the family. And with summer approaching, maybe a few travel shots, too. Let’s see how this goes. No commitments. No promises.